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Ecopart are committed to disposing of vehicles in the most environmentally friendly way possible, for example we treat, dismantle and dispose all category A and B vehicles in house and never allow their re-sale.
We are a fully licensed authorised treatment facility and hold a Waste carriers license. This allows us to control where all the waste and pollutants are disposed of and ensures that Category B vehicles never end up back on the road, or worse sold to unsuspecting buyers on foreign shores.

Our modern environmental way

Car Parts
We provide the green solution to repairing your vehicle. Forget the old scrap yard image of the car dismantler. Using modern business and technical processes in guidance with strict environmental controls, Ecopart dismantlers provide low cost, high quality used parts in a way that benefits the consumer, the industry and the environment. We process and dismantle all makes of vehicles at our modern ELV ATF facility.

Why buy a recycled part?

Brand New Parts
  • High cost
  • Not environmentally Friendly
  • Aftermarket parts harder to fit
  • Backordered / slow delivery
Green Parts
  • Low cost
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Genuine OEM part
  • In stock ready to go

Recycled parts are also known as used, reclaimed or green parts. Buying green parts have many advantages, with the most obvious being the significant cost saving versus buying a brand new replacement part. Besides this, green parts are extremely environmentally friendly, reducing the need for new parts being manufactured, or for a perfectly good used part going to landfill.

But choosing a recycled part doesn’t mean you compromise on quality, even though it has been used. Every green part we sell is subjected to rigorous testing and comes complete with a warranty for your all important peace of mind. All car parts we sell are genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Unlike aftermarket parts, opting for OEM parts guarantees easy fitment, which is especially problematic with aftermarket panel work such as bumpers, bonnets, doors and tailgates.

Green parts are also already in stock ready for fast delivery, compared to new parts which might be backordered and have a slow delivery. At Ecopart we stock a wide range of green car parts for thousands of makes and models, and so our green parts are ready to go when you need them.

We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards and are members of the Vehicle Recyclers Association (VRA), which promotes the use of green parts in the UK repair industry and encourages the adoption of the Automotive Recyclers Association of America (ARA) part quality standards. British Vehicle Salvage Federation


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